In our Textile Studio, we elevate the performance of all riders through fabric technology innovations. They enhance rider aerodynamic efficiency with ergonomic function, performance comfort with muscular support & heat regulation with weather protection. Bioracer works with a broad selection of fabrics, developed to serve multiple functions. Fabrics can specifically keep your temperature stable in all weather conditions, they can cheat the winds and make you ride more comfortable on your bike.
In this topic, you can learn more about every individual fabric option out there.


Ultralight and highly conductive, Graphene technology adds thermal management functionality to the traditional cycling apparel. It
pulls heat away and dissipates it faster, therefore enabling the body to use less energy regulating body temperature. This means there is more energy conserved for making a decisive break-away.This fabric technology, developed for Tokyo 2020, is used in our Epic Tokyo GR+ jersey, bibshorts and road race aerosuit.


In contrast to other dark fabrics, Coldblack™ reflects the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it. UV-protective, sweat wicking and fast drying, this fabric is ideal to brave the burning sun. This fabric is used in the Epic Coldblack™ Jersey.


Designed for the hottest riding and racing conditions, this fabric with an open mesh construction wicks the moisture away from the skin and provides cooling. This fabric is used in base layers, jerseys and aerosuits.


Offering the perfect mix of light insulation and high breathability, our lightest Tempest material is the ideal temperature regulator and stabilizer in mixed weather conditions. The durable water repellency manufactured into the fabric will always keep its protection, even after many washings.This fabric is used in thermal long sleeve jerseys.


Insulating and breathable, our Tempest material is the ideal temperature regulator and stabilizer in cold weather conditions. The durable water repellency manufactured into the fabric will always keep its protection, even after many washings. This fabric is used in thermal winterjerseys, bibshorts and bibtights.


Highly insulating and still breathable, our Tempest Protect material is the ideal temperature regulator and stabilizer in ice-cold weather conditions. The durable water repellency and wind protection manufactured into the fabric will always retain, even after many washings. This fabric is used in winter jackets and bibtights.


In our reflective Pixel fabric, we combine three layers for maximum winter protection. The breathable inner layer wicks moisture away from the skin. The central protective layer offers protection against the cold and wind. The reflective top layer improves
your visibility and makes you stand out in the dark.


Ever since Bioracer started the speedsuit revolution, our well-known Airstripe fabric has been a part of it. We use this elastic, breathable fabric with a characteristic pinstripe on aerodynamically strategic spots on jerseys and suits. If placed correctly, the stripe weaving enhances aerodynamic efficiency. This fabric, developed for the peloton, is used in the sleeves of several Epic jerseys and aerosuits, and race day accessories.


Stratos has excellent hydro and aerodynamics, as water and air slide over the fabric without penetrating the fibers. Clothing made from this material will make you faster both on land and in the water. The fact that Stratos fabric also dries extremely quickly and gives a dry feeling immediately after leaving the water makes it very suitable for triathlon. The 4-way stretch gives you great freedom of movement during sports, whether running, swimming, or cycling. Thin, light, and breathable, it feels like a second skin. Furthermore, Stratos protects you against harmful UV rays and against abrasions.This fabric is used in jerseys, gilets, bibshorts, and suits.


Optimal hydro and aerodynamics are the hallmark of Flow. Thanks to a special treatment, water oxidizes upon contact and does not ‘stick’ to the material. As a result, you feel less resistance in the water and swim faster. Flow fabric absorbs up to 40% less water than other sports fabrics and dries very quickly. Moreover, it's a very light material. Because of all these excellent properties, we use Flow in our triathlon apparel.


When you think of sports apparel, you think of Lycra. At Bioracer we use different types of high-quality Lycra. It’s a light and elastic fabric that guarantees optimal wearing comfort. Moreover, it provides excellent moisture transfer for wicking sweat away from the skin. The type we use in our Epic bottoms and jersey sleeves provides a compression effect which supports your muscles and aids circulation.


To improve both rider safety and performance, we integrate effective abrasion protection in our Dyneema™ product line. It protects the rider at speeds up to 60km/h, while also reducing the severity of open woundsat even higher speeds. The apparel utilizes peak performance materials and the latest technologies, including DSM’s protective Dyneema™ fabrics and purpose fit Arnitel® materials.