2022 - 2023 FAll / Winter Collection

Contemporary fashion trends have been a great source of inspiration for this collection. The result is a strikingly vibrant palette with an optimistic, minimalist look. The Bioracer Fall / Winter collection consists of a range of functional products, each adapted to a multitude of situations; We provide you with an answer to the freezing cold, outfits to embrace windy, rainy training sessions & the needed accessories to keep on enjoying your ride, everyday of winter. Our Tempest range consists of 3 subsegments, each adapted to a different level of cold, yours to discover.


Make those ice-cold winter rides count. Tempest Protect is your go-to outfit when you ride below the freezing point.

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Shorter days, longer nights, lower temperatures. Tempest is the perfect compagnon for the chilly times ahead.

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Time to be ready for those unpredictable mid-season rides, with temperatures between 5 and 15°C.

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