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      Shorter days, longer nights and lower temperatures. Sounds like the perfect habitat for the Tempest jacket. This versatile jacket is the perfect companion to guide you through those chilly winter months by providing you with water-repellent and insulative winter gear. The darkness of these months gets countered by our reflective pixel that makes you extra visible in traffic. No reason anymore to put your bike in a deep winter sleep. Our Tempest jacket will help you embrace the heart of winter cycling. We know it’s hard to resist the temptation of a smooth indoor ride. But, taking your bike outdoors will be a lot more satisfying than a quick sweaty session in Watopia!

      Our Tempest fabric is the ideal temperature regulator and stabilizer. The soft, breathable, and brushed lining keeps you warm when it is cold outside. Equipped with a high collar, a storm flap, and soft cuffs, The Tempest Jacket keeps you warm and dry. Combined with one of our gilets, it is also ideal for ice-cold, full winter rides. The durable water repellency manufactured into the fabric will always keep its protection, even after many wash cycles. The 60° reflective details keep you visible and safe on the bike.

      About tempest fabrics

      Our Tempest fabrics were engineered in our Protolab to deliver rider efficiency, comfort and supreme temperature regulation in the harshest training and racing conditions. It might be quite fashionable to train indoors when the sun disappears behind the clouds, but our riders revere the cold, wet and rainy days. If you expect to win in all conditions, you must train in all of them. Our water-repellent and insulating Tempest fabrics are constructed specifically for braving inclement weather with your bike.

      Tempest technology features water protection manufactured into the fabric. Unlike a treatment that can be washed out, this technology will always keep its protection.

      Its high-reflective character gets you more visible and enhances safety in traffic.

      Block the cold out and fit seamlessly with a pair of gloves.

      Store your valuables safely.

      Heat regulation depends both on temperature and effort. During high efforts your body generates more heat and breathability becomes more important while low effort rides require more insulation and less breathability.
      The tempest jacket is your training-essential! It enables more breathability than the Tempest Protect fabric and provides more protection than our Tempest Light fabric.