SPEEDWEAR - Your favorite for heroic race days

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      The science of speed made available for every athlete. Technical, performance-driven clothing tested and approved by pros in competition. That is Speedwear Concept. It’s where our mission, to make you faster, meets the demands of your mission: getting to the finish line as fast as possible. Our fastest-ever speedwear ensures a whole new level of aerodynamics and performance. It gives you a competitive advantage over the other riders in the peloton. The latest developments combined with a timeless design make the ideal gear that helps you pave your way to individual victory.


      Speedwear concept comes to life when you need it the most: on race days. As an athlete, there's no such thing as the majority. You want to be unique, one of a kind and perform better than you ever did before. For such moments, we designed Speedwear Concept.

      Crafted out of the most high-end fabrics to provide you with a whole new level of aerodynamics, performance and comfort. Combined with our latest technology, Speedwear Concept is designed with every detail in mind to let you shine on the tarmac.

      The highly conductive nature of Graphene pulls heat away from your body and dissipates it fast. the airspeed is a crucial factor here. It gradually cools the Graphene to ensure a fast dissipation of heat. This way your core temperature keeps regulated, allowing you to put more of your precious energy into racing your opponents.