Are you known as a fair-weather cyclist? Get rid of that trademark by trying on our Tempest Light Jacket! You’ll notice that those colder mid-season rides will be way more comfortable than you initially expected. But what about the downsides of a typical mid-season ride? Don’t worry about the traditional April showers or inevitable autumn winds. Our Tempest Light jacket is water repellent and has insulative properties to keep your core temperature stable whilst the weather is inconsistent.

      About tempest light

      Offering the perfect mix of light insulation and high breathability, our lightest Tempest material is the ideal temperature regulator and stabilizer in mixed weather conditions. The durable water repellency manufactured into the fabric will always keep its protection, even after many washings.

      Our Tempest fabrics were engineered in our Protolab to deliver rider efficiency, comfort and supreme temperature regulation in the harshest training and racing conditions. It might be quite fashionable to train indoors when the sun disappears behind the clouds, but our riders revere the cold, wet and rainy days. If you expect to win in all conditions, you must train in all of them. Our water-repellent and insulating Tempest fabrics are constructed specifically
      for braving inclement weather with your bike.

      Tempest Protect technology features water and wind protection manufactured into the fabric. Unlike a treatment that can be washed out, this technology will always keep its protection. The Tempest Light panels offer you the perfect mix of insulation and breathability for all your mid-season rides.

      Its high-reflective character gets you more visible and enhances safety in traffic.

      The safest storage for all your valuables. The Tempest Light jacket also comes with a silicone gripper tape at the waist for additional storage.

      Ensures maximum insulation. Prevents the cold air from reaching your core.

      Heat regulation depends both on temperature and effort. When going flat out, your body generates more heat and breathability becomes more important to regulate your core temperature. Going out for a high-paced ride? The most breathable Tempest Light jacket is your speed essential