Real North American bike lovers won’t let their ride depend on a bad forecast. They just face the most severe characteristics of mother nature. Icy wind, heavy rain or melting snow? No problem for the Tempest Protect Jacket! It keeps all the extreme elements out without compromising breathability. Our Tempest Protect fabric is designed to experience the heroic Flandrien feeling. With this jacket, you’re able to strike back with a wind-proof, water-repellent and insulative shield in the battle against the harshest conditions. Having good legs will give you the extra punch that makes you Flandrien of winter battlefield.

      About tempest protect

      Highly insulating, wind blocking and yet still breathable, Tempest Protect is your go-to-fabric for the upcoming cold. Besides regulating and stabilizing your temperature just like Tempest fabric, it is also has a wind-blocking membrane laminated in.The durable water repellency and wind protection manufactured into the fabric will always remain, even after many dirty rides and wash cycles. The Tempest Protect range consists of jackets and bibtights & are a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

      Tempest Protect technology features water and wind protection manufactured into the fabric. Unlike a treatment that can be washed out, this technology will always keep its protection. Protect panels guarantee a warm and dry upper half during every low temperature ride.

      Its high-reflective character gets you more visible and enhances safety in traffic.

      Zipper can be opened from the bottom up to facilitate ventilation and toilet stops.

      Ensures maximum insulation. Prevents the cold air from reaching your core.

      Heat regulation depends both on temperature and effort. When going flat out, your body generates more heat and breathability becomes more important to regulate your core temperature. Planning a high-paced ride? Consider taking a lighter tempest variant with you!