The design of a jersey can be fully customized. For (bib)shorts and other products, the design
possibilities depend on the product line. You can find the Epic design possibilities on page 36
and the Icon design possibilities on page 76 of this catalog. For more inspiration, please visit
Instagram @bioracerprojects.

Our designers need your logo in vector format. This type of image can be made infinitely large
without losing quality. You can deliver your logo as a .pdf, .eps or .ai. Converting a .jpeg to a .pdf
makes no sense; it will not become a vector image and will look pixelated at full size.

Your design is in safe hands with us. We store it on our servers and do not remove it unless you
explicitly ask. This way, you can easily re-order or update your design.

Yes, we are proud of our cycling apparel. That is why we put our black and white logo
on every garment. Do not worry, we will make sure it does not stand out too much!


Ask your local sales representative if a fitting set is available.

If you cannot get a fitting set, use the size charts to determine your size.

You can find the size charts on our website. Scan the QR code on page 136.

We have cycling apparel for kids in our assortment. The items available for kids
are marked with a smiley. The Epic line is for adults only.


You can place an order starting from 10 items, accessories and base layers not included.
Mix and match as you like!

Yes, you can! See ‘What is the minimal order quantity’.

After the final approval of the design and the confirmation of the order (sizes), your order can go
into production. Please note that we must have all customer information such as billing details
and delivery address.

After the final approval of the design and the confirmation of the order (sizes), you should take into
account a delivery period of 6 to 8 weeks. Because we want to give our employees their peace

of mind, the waiting time may be a little longer during vacation periods.

Payment terms vary by country. You may have to pay a deposit. You can get more info from your
local sales representative.

You can reorder the same design at the same price for four years. From an additional order amount
of 500 euros excluding VAT, you do not have to pay any start-up costs.

The first steps such as research and development are carried out at our headquarters in Belgium.
For the design, you can rely on your local Bioracer department. The production is done as regionally
as possible, which is better for the environment. We have our own factories in Belgium, Macedonia,
Romania, Colombia, and Tunisia. This gives us 100% control over the quality and delivery times.


At Bioracer, we are committed to delivering quality products. If your garment would be damaged,
please contact our customer service. We look at each case individually.

If you have any other questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you!