We’re proud to present you the INEOS Grenadiers' brand new 2023 cycling jersey, which signifies the launch of the second year of collaboration together. Notable is the switch from navy blue to a red base and the addition of fluorescent orange accents. Our INEOS Grenadiers' 2023 Pro Team Kit features significant, eye-catching changes to add to the team's performance ambitions for the 2023 season. Tom Pidcock, Filippo Ganna, Egan Bernal, and Geraint Thomas will compete for prizes next year in a bright red jersey. The familiar navy-blue returns in recognizable accents such as the iconic line on the back that will be retained. Red was chosen as the main color to further emphasize the performance ambitions of both the team and us as asponsor. In addition to the red base color, the fluorescent orange sleeve stands out. This is an important step in improving the riders' visibility on the road. The training kit even has this fluorescent orange as its base color. This reflects the strong commitment of both the team and us as a manufacturer.


Our collaboration with INEOS Grenadiers is one of continuous innovation with permanent developments and the use of the latest cutting-edge technologies. Together, we aim to push the boundaries every time. The launch of the 2023 Pro Team Kit marks another phase in our shared dynamic ambition. In the run-up to the two successful attacks on the world hour record by Dan Bigham and Filippo Ganna in the 2022 season, many new developments were made. Our teams spent more than 300 hours in various wind tunnels. Additional aerodynamics tests were also done to determine which fabrics produce the best results for each INEOS Grenadiers rider individually. Depending on their morphology, some fabrics provide better air conduction than others. This not only resulted in records, but also in an even faster time trial suit that will be used by all the team's riders in 2023.


In addition to the aerodynamic optimizations, the Grenadiers will also use some brand-new
technologies. These were tested and validated by the riders throughout the 2022 season. In 2023 these two new technologies, among others, will make their appearance in the pro peloton:

Bioracer Stratos Tempest cycling jerseys and winter jackets

These Stratos Tempest products combine Bioracer's warm and insulating Tempest technology with a new generation of "Stratos" fabric. This fabric is 20% lighter than the average lycra. This specific woven fabric has a higher density. The result is a natural windblocking and water-repellent effect without the use of a membrane. Because you don't use a membrane, the fabric is significantly more breathable during high-intensity performances. Cyclocross fans may remember Tom Pidcock's white jersey in Boom’s mudfest. It was here that this technology was first tested, and the results turned out to be amazing. Magical Bioracer technology", Pidcock said afterwards.

Bioracer Stormy rain jacket

This next-generation rain jacket was tested by the Grenadiers in 2022 beforehand. From heavy rain in the Colombian Andes to snowy blizzards in the United Kingdom. Together with eVent®, Bioracer developed a waterproof rain jacket with the new 'Direct Venting Technology'. The result is a waterproof rain jacket with twice as much breathability compared to other technologies on the market. As a result, the rain jacket feels much drier on the inside, which significantly improves the comfort of the riders during high-intensity performances.


"We are proud to enter our second year as the on-bike performance partner of the INEOS Grenadiers. After last season's successes in the spring classics, stage races and the world hour records, we worked closely with the team's riders and performance specialists. Continuous testing and new developments resulting in the next generation of cycling apparel." "With 'Visibly Fast,' this 2023 design is a nice translation of our two main focuses. 'Fast' obviously stands for how we as Bioracer always aspire to make every rider faster in every way: aerodynamics, comfort, and safe training conditions. This last one is also reflected in the 'Visibly' component. Through new fluorescent color techniques, we have searched for the most visible color in any weather condition at any time of day." "Developed in Belgium in collaboration with the brightest experts in the cycling industry, tested by our world-class Grenadiers, and soon in 2023 available to all Bioracer fans around the world by 2023. Because of this philosophy, we believe that a partnership with INEOS Grenadiers will not only take the pro riders to a next level but also help all Bioracer riders worldwide to become faster.