8 islands, 8 days

He swam across the channel between Great Britain and France, completed the Marathon Des Sables and took part in a TV show where he was trained for the Special Forces, but in May 2022 Matthieu Bonne went out for a very particular new adventure: Matthieu completed eight Long-Distance triathlons, each on a different Canary Island. During those days, Bonne swam a total of 30 km, biked 1440 km and ran 337.6 km.

A year and a half of meticulous preparation

Under the watchful eye of former top triathlete Luc Van Lierde, Bonne prepared himself for this crazy venture. Together they could let nothing the chance, as the Canary Islands are brutal: hard winds, rocky soil and high temperatures; to make it even harder, Bonne was limited to complete the triathlons in no longer than thirteen hours per days, in order to reach the next island by sailboat.

The hardest part on the end

Despite the hard circumstances, everything was going well for Mathieu; but then came La Graciosa. The 8th island is not paved, so Mathieu had to run and bike for hours on rocky pavements. He didn’t prepare this latest chapter at all, in order to keep it mythical and mysterious. Keeping possible unknown factors in mind, Bonne started at 5.15AM already, reaching eternal glory on 11.30PM.

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