Filippo Ganna

My Journey, My Jersey - UCI World Hour Record

As a double time trial world champion and Olympic track hero, Filippo Ganna was destined to attack the UCI Hour Record. In light of the occasion, we co-developed a limited-edition jersey that honors his nickname, his family bond, and his homeland. Filippo dazzled the previous record with a stunning performance, ticking off at a total of 56.792km in exactly one hour time.


A direct referral to Filippo’s homeland can be found at the back of the jersey in the form of an outstanding Italian stripe. The Italian blood plays an important part in Filippo’s life as his family bond is undeniably strong leading to a shared tattoo with his younger sister. An inked anchor symbolizes their never-changing family connection.


The Top Ganna logo landed on one of the best spots of the jersey. Filippo’s well-known nickname is inextricably linked to Tony Scott’s action movie Top Gun. This movie title derivative also serves as the name of his biggest fan club led by his younger sister.

A golden partnership

As a clothing partner of Team INEOS Grenadiers, we worked in close contact with Filippo, the INEOS Grenadiers performance team and partners over the past few months. In opposition to many cycling clothing manufacturers being forced to limit themselves to book only a few sessions in the wind tunnel, Bioracer has its own wind tunnel at its disposal. More than 300 hours of aerodynamic testing in 2022 provided the necessary data to develop this supersonic time trial suit.

In this lightweight suit, the aerodynamic properties of the fabric are crucial. But the support that the suit provided Filippo is, if anything, even more important. A good time trial suit forces the body into a
compact posture with inwardly curved shoulders to minimize the frontal surface area. In this way, it was easier for Ganna to maintain his aerodynamic position optimally from start to finish.